How To Make Your Bed – And Why You Should

How To Make Your Bed – And Why You Should

There’s nothing quite like pulling back the covers of a perfectly made bed, knowing you’re about to slip between the sheets and get a great night’s sleep. And the good news is, you don’t have to be a fully-trained chambermaid to get that flawless, hotel-standard look.

Making your bed properly is actually much easier than it seems – and it’s certainly worth the small amount of extra effort it takes to get it looking pristine. Having a well-made bed elevates your bedroom’s aesthetic, and going through the routine of making your bed each morning can actually set you up for a more productive day – it’s a win-win.

Here’s how you can achieve hotel-worthy sheets in less than five minutes.

Fitted or flat?

The art of bed-making starts with your bottom sheet. You’ll either have a fitted sheet or a flat sheet – perhaps you’ve got both. Fitted sheets are the ones with the elasticated corners, which slip over your mattress for a perfectly smooth fit. Naturally, fitted sheets are much easier to get on, but flat sheets are easier to fold and store, and add a real touch of luxury to your bed setup.

There’s barely any explanation needed for fitted sheets – you just slip the elasticated parts over the corners of your mattress and pull taut. Flat sheets are a little more complicated, and to make your bed properly, you’ll need to become acquainted with a little something called the ‘hospital corner’.

How to make a hospital corner in two minutes

Hospital corners aren’t nearly as intimidating as they sound. You don’t need expert origami skills to pull this off – just a quick how-to guide. Here are the steps you need to follow for the perfect hospital corner.

  1. Drape your flat sheet evenly over the bed – the ends should be hanging loosely over the sides.
  2. Tuck in the part of the flat sheet that runs along the foot of your bed.
  3. Here’s where things get a little tricky – you might need to practice this step a few times. Take the long edge of the sheet (which should still be sticking out), then pull it straight up so that it runs smoothly around the corner of your mattress. There should be a triangular section of your sheet hanging just below the mattress line – tuck it in neatly.
  4. Next, fold down the piece of sheet that you pulled straight up and tuck that in.
  5. Your hospital corner should now be looking pretty neat - just smooth out the folds and the edges, and your sheets will be ready to slide into.

Add the essentials

Now you can add your duvet and pillows. This is where you can really turn up the comfort levels of your bed and pave the way towards the perfect night’s sleep. We’ll let you into a little secret – our pure cotton bedding sets are the perfect way to create a snug and cosy sleep space that looks as good as it feels.

Express yourself

With the foundations of your bed in place, you can start to express your personality and take your bedroom’s aesthetic up a few levels. You could opt for a crisp, white duvet cover as a base for an eclectic collection of cushions and throws, or a classic striped bedding set for a cool and contemporary look. A deep, dark navy set would create the ultimate chilled-out sanctuary, or you could opt for a subtle dot design to perk up a plain bedroom.

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