Unplug, Unwind and Relax on the National Day of Unplugging

Unplug, Unwind and Relax on the National Day of Unplugging

Today is the National Day of Unplugging - a whole day aiming to encourage more people to take time away from their digital devices. 

Here at Third, we know how important it is to unplug and unwind every now and then. We crafted our super-soft cotton sheets specifically for those moments of incredible relaxation. Digital devices have enhanced our lives in many ways - but it can be great to take some time away from that interconnected world, in order to connect with those around you.

If you're thinking of unplugging for a day or two, here are some of our favourite ways to unwind without the help of a smartphone...

Go for a walk 

Get out in the Great Outdoors - it'll do you good. Whether you're down at the local park or embarking on a day-long hike, spending time outside is a great way to de-stress - and isn't that what we're all seeking when we unplug our smartphones? The fresh air will help improve your blood pressure, and the exposure to the sunlight will bump up your vitamin D stores. Best of all, the natural daylight will help regulate your sleep schedule - so you'll enjoy a deeply rejuvenating sleep when you get back home. 

Board games

Why not invite all of your friends round for a phone-free games night? Whether you reach for the old classics like Monopoly and Cluedo, or turn to the next generation of board games like Cards Against Humanity, playing a board game is a great way to spend a few hours away from your smartphone screen. After all - who cares about checking their emails when you're down to the last few tiles in a tense game of Scrabble?


The National Day of Unplugging is all about disconnecting digitally and connecting with ourselves and others around us. Meditation helps to do just that - the entire purpose of the practice is to learn how to live 'in the moment'. We wrote about the benefits of meditation and how it can help you sleep better - if you're thinking of trying out meditation, have a read for some great beginners' tips. 

Read a book

We all have those books that have taunted us from bookshelves for months, or even years. You swear you'll get around to reading them, but you never seem to find the time. Well, now's the time! It's been proven that just six minutes of reading can help you de-stress enormously. When you curl up in bed and become engrossed in a great book, you'll wonder why you don't read more. 

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